Why You Should Apply Now for Najwa Barakat’s Second Novel-writing Course

Beirut’s “Mohtaref – How to write a novel,” run by novelist Najwa Barakat, has begun accepting applications for their second novel-writing course. Applications will be accepted from all Arab countries (and presumably beyond).

This isn’t just any novel-writing course. The first session is credited with producing three first-time books from young writers. The first, Soap by Rasha Al Atrash, was published by Dar al Saqi and is reviewed here.

Two others—The Camp by Rana Najjar and Napolitana by Hilal Chouman—will be published this fall through a partnership between Mohtaref and the Dar al-Adab publishing house. As for the reason behind the workshops, Barakat has written on her website:

A little of the art and literature generosity and lenience will help to save young and promising seeds from being doomed in this degraded time, and to prepare a proper ground and environment for them to blossom, they will no doubt; with the hope to grow and progress on their own in the future, year after year after year.

In the longer term, Barakat hopes to establish a “Mohtaref – how to write a novel” house in Beirut. Those who want to apply should check the Mohtaraf website for more details. Yella, the deadline is September 30, 2010!

Rasha Al Atrash holding her novel Sabun, or Soap, and a bouquet.


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